Not your average Agency.

We are problem solvers and creators. We are digital at heart, but not limited by binary worlds. We are proud, pure, and believe in honesty. We are a collective of critical thinkers, a tight-knit team of digital extraordinaires, design thinking strategist and content creating marvels.





  • Bas Pieren

    Frontend Developer

  • Cyd Stumpel

    Frontend Developer

  • Dagmar van Doorn


  • Dennis Spierenburg


  • Jacko van Dijke

    Creative Producer

  • Merijn Laan

    Digital Designer

  • Michael Vonk

    Frontend Developer

  • Roxanne van den Aakster

    Digital Designer

  • Seb van Dijk

    Managing Director

  • Stephan Hoogland

    Backend Developer

  • Tim Borst

    Partner & Digital Designer

Artis Zoo is our front yard 

Come watch elephants

Artis Zoo is our front yard Come watch elephants