Expeditie Wadden A journey through time and space.

One of the Dutch Wadden Islands — Texel — is host to Oudeschild. An area ever so rich in heritage and cultural relevance to the Dutch history at large. But it’s story is largely forgotten and overlooked by tourists. Let’s change that!

  • Client

    Stichting Expeditie Wadden, Waddenfonds

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  • Platform

    Hard coded
    App development

  • Awards

    German Design Award Best Web Communication
    Awwwards Site of the Day

Adventurers and explorers, unite!

We decided to highlight Oudeschild through a series of expeditions of its most notable stories. The Sailor Church, where sailors used to pray before they left for the far east. Or how Cornelis Tromp tried reunited the Dutch war fleet, ending up in a battle with the British. The website supports the campaign, but with the mobile application tourists can actively engage in the campaign and its stories.


App — The strength of the campaign is that explorers can actively engage in the campaign and its stories on their respective locations.

Branding & playful learning — We were responsible for the branding of this campaign. We kept very close to the nautical theme, and made sure that the design stayed friendly for the wide target audience. The campaign was not only specified to tourists. It also offered curricular activities for elementary schools.

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