BBB Cycling This is what happens when Magento 2 and emotion collide and come together.

BBB Cycling is ready for tomorrow. Their products and their revised philosophy are built on the future of cycling. Now their website is, too.

  • Client

    BBB Cycling

  • Deliverables

    Photo manipulation & retouching
    User interface
    User experience
    Assets library

  • Platform

    Magento 2

  • Partners

    Pon.Digital Front-end Development
    Guapa Magento Development

  • See it live

Part of your Ride

Matise was asked to develop an online concept that would translate BBB’s modern, reinvented vision on cycling, while simultaneously preserving the brand’s rich heritage and community. We developed a concept that allows BBB to present its products, without losing sight of the feeling of a sunset ride in late spring. On the BBB platform, visitors can find out more about the specs of a helmet, while feeling the thrill of crossing down a hill.

Navigate — The menu serves both as direct navigation, as well as an inspirational showcase for featured products.

Emotion — This was key for the product page. By adding an exquisite product slider, super zoom, video’s, and lifestyle photography, we made sure we seduced the user.


Responsive? In the design process we made the choice to kill responsive. A website should be fluid and adapt to all screen sizes in perspective.

  • BBB Cycling icon - Bike type road
  • BBB Cycling icon - Connectivity remote
  • BBB Cycling icon - Memoryfoam
  • BBB Cycling icon - Valve presta
  • BBB Cycling icon - Waterresistant
  • BBB Cycling icon - Anti bacteria
  • BBB Cycling icon - Bike type MTB
  • BBB Cycling icon - Anti insect

One language — Digital was leading during the entire project. The old iconography used on packaging and online were replaced by a new, smooth icon set which works online and offline. Pretty nice, eh?


  Website launch video


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